Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Autism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Autism - Essay Example In many children, autism develops before the age of 3. A relationship between autism and psychology has been established by defining and associating their dynamics. Psychology is a field of study that deals with the human mind. The study of psychology has helped in the understanding and treatment of autism through methods such as psychotherapy, applied behavior analysis, and developmental psychology. Both psychology and autism deal with the brain and are complementary in nature. Psychology is largely used to understand the dynamics of autism, and develop methods to treat it. Psychologists use several types of therapies to treat autism. Autism impairs the communication and interaction skills of children (Cohen, 2002). Consequently, children become psychologically affected for being different from other children. Inability to communicate and interact effectively causes them social anxiety and depression that has far-reaching psychological implications (PubMed Health, 2012). Psychologis ts use various variations of talk therapy to correct strained communication skills. A psychologist is able to help autistic individuals improve their communication skills, overcome anxiety and depression, and learn how to interact effectively with other people (Flusberg, 1999). ... One of the roles of psychologists is to diagnose and recommend treatment methods for autism (Flusberg, 1999). Therefore, autism cannot be effectively diagnosed and treated without the services of psychologists. They aid autistic individual to eradicate depression, anxiety, and preservative behaviors that affect them adversely (Corsello, 2005). Psychologists accomplish these roles because they fully understand the effects and consequences of autism. On the other hand, psychologists also help victims to manage their lives, improve social interactions, and understand various social cues that determine the effectiveness of communication. Autism and psychology are related through the methods used to treat the disorder. These methods include psychotherapy, applied behavior analysis, and developmental psychology. Psychotherapy is a method that involves use of talk as a way of solving a patient’s emotional problems (Corsello, 2005). Psychologists use methods such as role-play and expo sure therapy to assist autistic individuals (PubMed Health, 2012). Applied behavior analysis manages the disorder by teaching autistic individuals new behaviors that replace existing behaviors that could have resulted from the effects of the disorder. Psychologists use rewards to teach patients certain behaviors thus conditioning them in ways that eradicate the disorder (Corsello, 2005). Development psychology deals with aspects of child development. A direct link can be established between this branch of psychology and autism because autism interferes with the normal development of a child’s brain while psychology studies the functioning of the brain. It forms the foundation for autism remedies such as relationship

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